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How To Plan A Wedding Trends And Ideas In 2018

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Your Wedding Trends invitations, cakes, and details are excellent ways to the theme of your wedding to the guests. Whether you like the idea of a beach theme, a real theme or a bohemian themed wedding,

we have all the advice and inspiration you need to make your dream come true. Today we invite you to get inspiration for according to the theme and the season in which you are getting married is very important.

How to plan wedding trends in 2018?

wedding trends

The answer to the question to plan a wedding is not just one and the options. For this reason, we also suggest you visit our Wedding Decoration section to find more color palette ideas and ideas for decoration.

Types of Wedding Trends

Before choosing ambiance, catering, and music we must define what type of wedding we want. There are different styles of setting to know and be inspired.

Romantic wedding

wedding trends

Flowers, lace tablecloths, warm and soft colors, centers of striking tables and hearts everywhere. This is the most popular style, as it enhances the formality of the event and makes it clear that it is a celebration of love. It can be set in this way both outdoors and in a room behind closed doors.


wedding trends

Young and urban wedding. It is a kind of relaxed, relaxed wedding, with warm but striking colors. You can use carnival lights or colored flags to decorate. A good option is to use high tables with stools for the reception. While you can do an event of this kind in a covered place, it adapts better to the outdoors.

Oh, and do not worry

The most important trend of the is the use of green plants to give the feeling of being in a tropical forest. The greenery instead of the fabric curtains for outdoor Wedding Trends is a good idea. Think of lush green facilities to bring really make things feel organic.

A trend that you should avoid is tennis shoes with wedding dresses. It was beautiful while hard, now it’s a little exaggerated. If your goal is a comfort, there are an of low heels or elegant flat shoes available.

Another trend of decoration for the year 2018 is the use of balloons not only for birthday parties! For weddings, the decoration balloons is more like a luxurious artistic installation. White and cream colored balloons keep things elegant but fun.

One thing a daring couple can do is use others wild and bold colors for their big day!

How to plan Wedding Trends ideas for colorful flower centers

wedding trends

The 2018 wedding invitations go beyond the paper. The effect of layers is interesting and it really excites the guests to think that it is waiting for them.

One thing you can do is organize a surprise wedding even if you are the bride and groom can manage to surprise all your guests. The guests would be invited to an engagement party or a others event, the couple would surprise them by marrying. It also creates an experience for guests who will never forget!

Great trend of the year 2018 are the bold and dramatic floral patterns!

How to plan a tropical style Wedding Trends

Copper and gold have had their moment, and the same goes for any type of bright or bright pattern. We are ready for something new!

Crockery items are not filled with calligraphy to minimal table designs, the approaching trend will be a minimalist wedding approach. A minimal approach does not mean that we are eliminating decorations or thinking couples will invest in some more magical things, instead of multiple less special decorations.

The acrylics will be the trend. But what we mean by talking about acrylic, most people think of transparent acrylic, but couples will explore transparent and colorful acrylic in new and fun ways, from the accompanying card, in the menu tables, or decorate flowers.

Colored bridal shoes

wedding trends

If we have seen an evolution in terms of dresses, no less have evolved the accessories that brides wear on their big day. The most radical change we have seen in footwear. And it is that choosing different designs, comfortable and with which to endure all day has become the key. There are many women who choose shoes for the bride of color. Original, sophisticated and stylish that you can wear on occasion and special events later. We just put everything in a closet and not use them anymore, choose the color for your feet, whether velvet shoes, thick-heeled sandals, with studs, patent leather or peach skin, color shoes are Wedding Trends!

Natural picks

A dress of the most romantic combines to the thousand wonders with a good hairstyle of collected natural bridal. Because we love hair without excess lacquer. By 2018 the natural hairstyles win the battle and you will be able to see them in elegant and carefree collections at the same time, undone braids or wavy pigtails that are adorned with headdresses and ideal crowns made with natural or lyophilized flowers.

Watercolor invitations

The Wedding Trends invitations are the calling card for any couple. They are evidence of what we expect from it or the style it will have. The options are endless, although the most predominant is that of the bride and groom looking for modern designs, an alternative to the classic card, fashion prints and different and fresher drawings. They win by win the paintings and drawings of watercolor, and without they are customized better. Here you will see a selection of the style that sweeps and devastates. Invite with style!

The best decoration

wedding trends

The decoration of charming corners in a wedding makes the difference from the rest, so it is essential to think well about the style you want to see your celebration and reflect it in every detail. In this selection, we propose you from corners like the seating plan, where you will find your place in the banquet with the best style to boho style lamps or photocall walls of the most ideal. Choose your favorite style and take note!

Garlands, lights and very chic chairs

The garlands are in our top ten for that touch so sophisticated that they give to the decoration, be in the place that is. If you want to opt for an outdoor wedding decoration, you can not leave aside the cascades of lights that decorate and illuminate gardens where cocktail parties, dinners or dancing are held. And to differentiate yourself from the rest, your chairs decoration, either with flowers, green leaf plants or ideal signs.

Flowers and more flowers

There is no wedding decoration that boasts that does not have flowers that complement it. And the fact is that flowers are synonymous with joy, color, life, and celebration. Therefore, they will continue to be a trend and we could not leave them aside in our wedding trends 2018.  Colorful bridal bouquets, flowers for the ceremony, for the centers of the tables, hanging flowers … anything goes

The canvas cake boom

wedding trends

Gone are the cakes filled with layers of cream and meringue, the format has been evolving, and the fondant tarts are added other types of the most stylish, original and equally tasty. Currently, the wedding cakes are authentic canvases on which to paint flowers or borders, among other things. Give your dessert the chicest style.

The best details for guests

Choose the best memory that guests have of your wedding is increasingly simple. Thousands are the proposals that are offered to us and, above all, they are useful. Fans to suffocate the heat or umbrellas to protect from the sun, oils, tea boxes, wine, plants, soaps, blankets, dancers … all beautiful, simple and very practical. It is another of the 2018 wedding trends.

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