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Join One Of The Most Important Photography Competitions Of 2018

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Important Photography today is an art and it is a sector that moves a lot; moves all kinds of people, from the amateur to the professionals. And in one of the things that are reflected in that “unconditional love” is in the number of photography contests that exist in the world. The photographic competitions are growing in popularity and participation. They are becoming a way to foster culture. And, as in all media, there are contests that are paid and others that are free. There are some that offer very generous amounts of money in their awards and others less and there are also some very prestigious.

World Photography Awards

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It is a well-known photography contest that, as its name indicates, is organized by Sony. Although the “World Organization of Photography” also collaborates in the organization. It is a global Important Photography competition that is divided into four categories. You can choose between “Professional”, “Open”, “Young” or “Student Focus”.

The professional requires that a series of between 5 and 10 photographs with their descriptions be presented. In addition, these may be the subject you want within the considered art (architecture, landscape, nature, still life, delay or conceptual) and within what is considered documentary (current issues, daily life or sport).

World Press Photo

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The same sounds some photos of the winners of this photography contest, since many of them have aroused much controversy and “social movement.”

But if you do not know this contest it can be said that the World Press Photo Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization, and one of the most important organizations to promote, develop and promote Important Photography; specifically photojournalism.

It is a contest that above all rewards photographers who have managed to capture in their photographs a great visual creativity, as well as certain skills that make that photo is relevant in the field of journalism.

PHM Grant

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It is a very interesting contest since it is a kind of scholarship organized by the museum and is organized to give support to all photographers. Its main purpose is to support photographers and promote their projects.

Increase your online presence. Since it is a very good platform in which images are shared and, in this case, all the winning images will be published with the aim of supporting the professional growth of the photographer.

But not only the winners are usually published, they try to publish the majority of photos submitted to the contest in various areas of the website, such as news, exhibitions, history, etc. In this way, anyone can see the submitted works.

You will have the opportunity to enter the industry in a simple way since your photos will be presented before a jury composed of the best professionals in the sector. Therefore, you will be shown your talent directly and still love what has been done and you sign up for future projects.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

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This is an ideal contest for all lovers of animals and nature at an extreme level. It is a contest in which you have to try to capture the wildlife of the animal and it is a contest that works with the beauty and fragility of your world. They promote photographs based on wildlife always from an ethical point of view.

This means that they defend photographs that are faithful to the natural world, that are free of excessive digital manipulation and that are accompanied by honest legends.

In addition, they must be photos that show a total and absolute respect for the animals and their environments.

Photo-Projections Contest Santander Photo

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It is one of the most interesting Important Photography festivals in Spain and has a theme that is 100% open. That is, you can include images of what you like and more interest causes you. They are defined as a contest that wants to “promote the dissemination of photographic works through multimedia projects.”

In addition, not only the final art (the photograph) is valued, since videos are also supported if it serves as a support for the whole work created from a series of photographs.

Those that have greater prestige are those that are developed outside Spain but every time there are more foundations and companies that promote this profession or hobby nationally. Foreign competitions, as a rule, have a name in the world of Important Photography and winning one of them can greatly enhance your professional career and you can even get them to sign you from a multinational company. In addition, the prizes are much more striking. But we must not forget the national competitions and participate to encourage the development of them.

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