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The Low Investment Business Opportunities In The World 2019

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In this post, we will see low investment business opportunities, which require little money to start a business and are more likely to succeed in the market.

I have seen this type of business, mainly. where I work, and the key is to find a location where there is demand, regardless of whether it arrives on wheels.

Low Investment Business

I am thinking of these business opportunities to invest less than $ 100 dollars. Of course, you will not win 50 times more on the first day. These are businesses that start small, and little by little allows you to grow with your experience.

Sell Online 1

Low Investment Business

The first low investment business opportunity is on the internet. The number of new Internet users in Latin America is growing by 20 to 25% each year. And it is no longer necessary to sell with just a credit card. There are options to offer your products with a payment in Oxxo stores and other department stores in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia.

How does it work?

Open an account at mercadolibre.com (Recommended Article: How to do business online for beginners)

See a product that is demanded (in the section of demanded products)

Buy a similar or second-hand product at a lower price than the market (for example, there are Chinese pages that sell the product at a reduced price without shipping costs)

Do the sales test, with an interesting sales letter and with images.

Sell Online 2

The second of the low investment business opportunities is another way that has worked for me to sell on the internet. The problem with mercadolibre is that 1) you have a lot of competition 2) you have to pay extra for positioning yourself better in the list and 3) you are forced to use your payment system.

One way that I have found very successful to sell is by using Google Adwords. This is a paid advertising system, which appears in Google ads to the right of the search engine and in banners promoted on Google.

Later on, I will develop a business course to be successful in this business format and sell (unlike in mercadolibre where many products are not sold)

For the moment I can tell you the basic points:

How does it work?

Open an account in Google Adwords.

Create a website with a sales letter for your product.

Create a well-written, positional ad in the geographical area that interests you.

Put a contact form on your page to contact the interested parties.

Negotiate the price of the product with those interested by email.

Specialized Services

Low Investment Business

The third low investment business opportunity is the superspecialized services. Anywhere in the world, there are people who are looking for a very specific service, for example:

A designer who develops a shopping cart in WordPress for payments with Dineromail

A consultant for the export of green chile to China

A hot tub repairman

These are just some of the examples of services that there may be little local demand (that is, 100 people in your city need it every year), but global demand can satisfy your business.

How does it work?

The most important thing is to know how to promote yourself in such a specific service.

Specialized magazines: Buy an ad from a very specialized magazine on the subject. For example, if you offer a naturopathic cure for baldness, you have to find a magazine that addresses this specific topic.

Specific websites: Pay for a banner on a website dedicated to the specific topic. This can cost from $ 5 dollars up to $ 50 for 1000 impressions.

Associations: There are civil associations dedicated both to join companies of the turn and to advise people with a common problem. You can create public relations in events of these associations.

Expos: Expos may cost very expensive for exhibitors, but nobody forbids being known as a visitor among several potential customers.

Hobbies Business

Low Investment Business

The fourth Low Investment Business little investment is the business based on a hobby. Most of us have a hobby (mine, for example, is playing an electric guitar). Within any hobby, be a very specialized niche, there are always ways to make money. There are several strengths of this business opportunity: 1) there is demand (both materials, tutors or meeting centers) 2) you already know the turn and 3) can meet people and create lasting relationships (both as club members, customers, friends, etc.)

How does it work?

First, it is necessary to decide where the business is in the hobby. For example, in the case of the electric guitar, there are three important turns:

Get cheap guitars for beginners.

Get collection guitars for advanced.

Electric guitar lessons for different ages.

In each case, you have to evaluate the budget you have, but let’s say we have $ 100 to $ 200, these are some business ideas:

Get cheap guitars for beginners.

IDEA: See Chinese suppliers, and quote the delivery of a guitar of $ 50 dollars or less, sell it on the internet or place an ad near music stores.

Get collection guitars for advanced.

IDEA: Place an ad near a guitar repair shop, offering to buy old guitars, and fix them.

Electric guitar lessons for different ages.

IDEA: Start a guitar club that requires membership, and give classes at home.

Language Classes

Low Investment Business

The fifth low investment business opportunity is the language classes. Why is it an opportunity? According to Google, the term “English courses” has approx. 110,000 searches per month (nothing more in Mexico!)

If you know another language, it is relatively easy to start a business of this turn.

How does it work?

There are several ways to start a business of this type, without the need to invest a lot of money:

Skype classes: Skype is a software to make video calls anywhere in the world for free. It only takes two people to have the software. This is an ideal way to offer language classes to a gigantic market. For example, if you know English, you can offer private Spanish lessons for people in the United States, and receive your payment in Paypal. (Recommended article: business tools online )

Classes in your home: Another way (more common), is to offer classes in your home, this has 0 expense, rather than buying books and a blackboard.

Urgent classes: Many people travel to the United States for the first time, and they need to know the basics in order to survive. This is a format of classes that can offer, where perhaps in 4 to 8 hours will teach the most basic to survive in the country.


Low Investment Business

In point 6 of little money business opportunities, we have intermediaries. This profession consists of being the third party involved in a negotiation of products or services between buyer and seller.

This is an opportunity is certain turns, while in another has lost much advantage or possibility of being an intermediary. For example, in the case of organic coffee, there is a tendency for the coffee producer, through a rural association, to distribute and market the product on their own.

There are many aspects where being an intermediary can be a good business. For example, in the case of procedures, there is a broad market niche anywhere in the world. An example is an intermediation in land use approvals for a business. In Mexico, there are still many obstacles for one to arrive at the town hall of the city and request this procedure, without any problems or delays. If you are aware of these procedures and the appropriate connections, you can start offering this service, giving the knowledge and experience in exchange for a payment. Another very frequent example is the infonavit procedures for housing loans.


The kiosks are a business model that allows access to a broad market, without the need to invest large amounts of money in rents, adaptations, upgrades or inventories. This low investment business opportunity is having a boom in the cities.

For example, in Mexico, if you have observed it, there has been a very high growth of shopping centers of all types. And this is an advantage for any business within the facilities, given that the high flow of people increases the probability of generating sales without having to resort to large investments in marketing or promotion.

To apply for this business opportunity, you need to know the type of people who go to the plaza. For example, it may be a very familiar environment, where couples with young children go. In this case, the opportunity would be to attract them with products for children, such as candy or games. I recommend you check the MERCA2 course, where we see how to do a perfect market research for a shopping center, observation.

Older adults

Low Investment Business

Around the world, the baby boomers or the generation that was born after the 2nd. World War, has become older adults who have money and need more specific services.

This low investment business opportunity has to do with serving them, through services that make life easier for these people.

For example, some business ideas for this opportunity are:

Home delivery of medicines

Home delivery of food or groceries

Walks or the particular exercise

Care at home

Arrangement or maintenance of houses

Computer classes for elderly people

Mobile business

Low Investment Business

This little lot Investment Business is focused on businesses that instead of renting premises or facilities, are handled in a mobile way with a car, truck or motorcycle, adapted to meet the specific activity.

What is the most common problem in any business? The payment of the rent.

This expense can be from 10% (if you do well) to 80% of the total costs. Therefore, a mobile business offers the advantage of not paying rent, and at the same time reaching a specific market. (Recommended article: keys to managing a business )

For example, let’s say that you observe that at a school near your home, nobody is offering food at the exit. You can adapt your vehicle to offer any type of food and have great success with few resources.

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