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How To Do Dances At Best Wedding Song for People

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Best wedding song fill the senses and are one of the fundamental parts of the party, much more if what is celebrated is the love of a couple and the decision to start a life together surrounded by the family and friends you love most.

For this reason, choosing those Best wedding song that will start all the fun is an important and caring job, which the couple will surely find very entertaining because it allows them a bit of distraction with the songs they like most, in the midst of the cares of the wedding.

Where to Start

Best wedding songs

Deciding on the Best wedding song is not an easy task so it is best to put a little order and find inspiration by putting together an individual list in which they record all those romantic melodies that they like and fill them with tenderness. Think of the music that reminds you of the other when you are separated, the one that plays in your head for hours or one that you have always dreamed of dancing. In principle write them all, later they will have time to cross out, discard and go selecting the most optional ones.

Remember that the Letter and Rhythm are Important

With your list already refined take the time to hear the songs again paying attention to the lyrics because we do not want to start the party with a song “moved to” but that speaks of sadness or lack of love. Keep in mind that it is the Best wedding song to dance as a couple, so define what rhythms are easier for both or with which they can do that choreography with which they dream and leave all the audience with their mouths open.


For those boyfriends who like the most moving melodies, perfect to let go, smile, teach those steps that have been practicing for months and to tune the enthusiasm of the party and of course, of all your guests.

From Film

Best weddings songs

Special for those couples who go beyond the tradition of the bridal waltz, and wish to incorporate into their repertoire songs that represent their love story, and with which they can star in a romantic and enjoyable dance.

For Choreography

The time comes to give the touch to the party with rhythmic and cheerful melodies that allow making the dance an unforgettable event. Oh! And with those that surely invite the attendees to join later in the celebration.

In The Style of Michael Jackson

Best weddings songs

And just as you can recreate mythical movie scenes, you can also adapt the choreographies of the most emblematic music videos of international music to your best wedding song dance. An example is the dance of the song Thriller, by Michael Jackson. There is no doubt that it is a complicated choreography, which requires time and skill. However, if you are daring boyfriends or have knowledge about dance, do not doubt it! This is a great idea.

Dance to have Fun

If your intention, more than to surprise with a spectacular dance, is to entertain your guests, this idea that we show you are yours! Sometimes, a dance of infarction or a perfect execution in your choreographies will not be the most important thing. You owe it to your audience (in this case, your guests) and what better way than making them laugh. Make a compilation of mythical and funny songs and create your mini show with simple steps and a lot of gesticulation.

Latin Dance

Best weddings songs

If you are hot-blooded boyfriends, prove it! Try a Latin and very sensual dance at your Best wedding song. Bachata can be a very good option. Try to execute the steps well and go to the same one. The figure of the man is very important in this type of dance because it is responsible for driving the body of the woman. Guys, you know! This style of dance can represent very well the love and passion that you feel thanks to some very accentuated steps and the complicity of both bodies.

Dance to Your Partner

Best weddings songs

Although it moves away from the typical Best wedding song dance, with this style of choreography you will be able to surprise everyone (including your partner). It consists of organizing a dance as a gift for your beloved or loved one.

Girls, pay attention! If you who want to give a sorpresón to your partner, organize with your friends or bridesmaids a very sexy dance. Sit the boyfriend in front and let him hallucinate with your hip movements. Choose feminine songs and recreated the choreographies of the most recognized artists. An ideal is Beyoncé because their songs have a lot of rhythms and usually have a simple but striking choreography. For the most daring couple! Convincing your friends to help you declare again to your new wife. Surprise your partner and guests with a fun dance, simple steps, and songs with a lot of feeling.

The Final Goodbye to the Waltz!

Best weddings songs

And if you completely avoid the waltz and your intention is to surprise your guests with a hard-working and very hard dance, go ahead! Dare with current songs and create a choreography for each musical fragment. The more worked the steps are, the better! Although remember, the main thing will always be that you enjoy the moment and pass it as the occasion deserves, big!

From slow ballads to Best wedding song dancing pegmatites, to the romantic hit of the summer, any song that represents for you its taste and history is allowed for this unforgettable moment, so if you do not have a theme that you can call our tour through this selection that we have developed and discover what are the notes with which you definitely want to start celebrating your life together.

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