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Healthy Snacks Proposals Filled With Nutricosmetics

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If you want to take care of your diet with the aim of being well inside but also, looking better on the outside, today we leave healthy snacks proposals filled with nutricosmetics that you can consume between meals.

Therefore, today we bring snacks proposals that we do not recommend to peck but to eat in a controlled way between main meals with the aim of soothing the worm effectively and provide the body with good nutricosmetics that will help us look better.

Consuming a Healthy Snacks is not the same as pecking

Healthy Snacks

Chopping or pecking between meals is not synonymous with eating a snack, because this last behavior is one more intake, of which we must be aware and that does not develop without mental registration.

When we eat or peck we often do it without planning what we eat, standing or “passing” while doing other activities, therefore, we are hardly aware of the amount we eat and this can harm our diet both in nutritional quality and in quantity.

Healthy Snacks Packed With Nutricosmetics

Healthy Snacks

Among the main Nutricosmetics are the vitamins A, E, and C, minerals such as calcium and selenium, fatty acids such as omega – 3, and other food components such as coenzyme Q10.

Then we leave healthy snacks that have one or more of these nutricosmetics that will help you look better

Kiwi filled with fresh cheese churned with chopped almonds

A very easy option to make and that uses seasonal ingredients. It offers vitamin C and E, as well as calcium, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin D which is also a key nutrient to take care of the body inside and out.

The glass of milk and chia seeds

Healthy Snacks

Beating half a cup of milk with a spoonful of chia seed and sweetener to taste we can achieve a cup with the consistency of pudding or ideal dessert to satiate between hours while we obtain calcium, vitamin E and omega 3 in large proportions.

Yogurt and red fruit smoothie

With calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, A, carotenes and powerful antioxidants typical of red fruits we can consume this easy creamy and satisfying shake between the main meals.

Grated carrot, peanut butter, and oatmeal

Healthy Snacks

Mixing these three ingredients we can achieve tasty nutritious chocolates rich in vitamin A, carotenes, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E.

Handful of nuts

Healthy Snacks

A handful of this type of nuts is enough to have daily a good share of good fats, within which is the omega 3, as well as selenium, coenzyme Q10 that has valuable benefits for our aesthetics and Vitamin E.

Skewers of citrus fruits (mandarin, grapefruit, and kiwi): a pump of vitamin C and water, very light that we can consume between hours to enhance the system of defenses of our body and also benefit our aesthetics Healthy Snacks.

Smoothie of blackberries and orange juice

Healthy Snacks

Juice light shake is a source of vitamin C and carotene especially. It is a good way to hydrate and obtain nutricosmetics to beautify us through what we eat.

Whole wheat bread toast with smoked salmon and fresh watercress

Watercress a small, salty sandwich that we can also consume between meals to obtain omega 3, calcium, carotenes, vitamin A and C in large quantities.

1/2 tomato stuffed with avocado and tuna puree

Another salty alternative to calm the worm between hours that offers omega 3, carotene and vitamin C to take care of the organism inside while embellishing on the outside.

Fresh fruit salad with poppy seeds

Healthy Snacks

Fruits offer vitamin C and carotene while seeds will be an excellent source of calcium, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E for our body.

Yogurt with sunflower seeds

To sate with a very easy-to-make snack and source of vitamin E, calcium and vitamin D, we can mix yogurt and pipes quickly to consume between meals.

These are options of healthy snacks filled with nutricosmetics that you can include in your usual diet, in the middle of the main meals to calm the appetite and obtain good nutrients with cosmetic effects.

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