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The clothes generally worn by men are the ones that give them a bold and simple look. Most of these clothes are simple and well-made. In this modern world where fashion is getting so much hype, menswear is also getting much attention and menswear Ireland companies such as EJ Menswear are providing shopping experiences where you can find items from some of the major fashion houses all in one place.

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As far as the materials go for menswear, these are more or less the same with women’s clothing, the difference lies in the cut and the stitching of the menswear. A plain t-shirt will have a different cut compared to a t-shirt that has some logo printed on it, a suit will generally have a different cut when compared to a suit which may have some tie. These subtle differences are what make menswear so individual to each person. Another common material used for menswear is polyester, it is man-made fibers such as polyester fibers which give comfort and are also resistant to stains and tearing. Other man-made fibers that can be used are nylon, acrylic, rayon and other man-made fibers.

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Menswear is not just clothing that we wear everyday; there is also something called menswear fashion accessories. This is a special category of menswear that is designed for specific occasions, for example there is menswear for sporty occasions, for work wear, for formal events, etc. A man’s wardrobe normally consists of one or two pieces of this accessory, for example cuff links, tie, socks, belt, shoes and handkerchief. A classic accessory is a pocket handkerchief, it is elegant and stylish for everyday use, it adds emphasis to the clothing and gives a certain air of mystery and authority to the wearer. There are different varieties of these pocket handkerchiefs, the most popular among them are felt, silk, voile, satin and cashmere.


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