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Fashion dress style names and their differences, what style are you?

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How many dress style names would you be able to name in one sitting and without thinking much? We would say that at most 5 or 6 right? And you, do you already know what you are?

We have been able to create this list of styles by which many fashion brands are guided to find their customers and we give you clues of those that may sound something ‘unknown’ to you:


 dress style names

Passionate about the 50s and 60s. A fan of rock or his dress style names fashion. Classic, biker and very social. He likes to make a difference with others. A basic, jeans and boots.


 dress style names

Lolita is an urban fashion inspired, mainly, by the dress style names of the Rococo and Victorian periods. It started in Japan in the 80’s; The term “Lolita” refers to a child’s personality or clothing, as well as the tenderness it represents. The Lolita Fashion is not about looking sexy, but about looking tender or elegant.


Boho style Currently is the most imitated fashion styles, at the same time, the most complicated to replicate because it is already a challenge to define it. It could be said that it is a remix of hippie, bohemian and vintage styles, with a bit of ethnicity (if it is Navajo or Arabic, better than better). A basic, the scarf on the neck.


American style that emerged in the late 70’s and early 80’s, although it was the famous character of Blair Waldorf from the Gossip Girl series that brought this trend to the present. It is very classic, neat and comfortable (it has a lot of sportswear). In collegiate style, nautical and British college, it is a fusion dress style names that mark a unique style. A basic, headband in the hair or scarf in the neck.


 dress style names

Fluorescent colors, wicks, flower stages, tanned skin, platinum hair … The look is 100% natural and extremely sexy at the same time. Sports people with a perfect smile, golden hair and sculptural bodies. You can find them at the edge of the sea and always with two basics that never fail: shorts and rope bracelets.



They are tormented by life. One of the things that characterize them is negativity, that is why they can only have couples who are also Emo. They wear dark clothes, hide an eye behind their long bangs, they wear black and wear chains, thick straps, and necklaces. A basic are platforms and tattoos.



Hipsters of the 21st century emerged in New York about the year 2000 when young people of good education began to get involved with more interest in the world of art, fashion, music, and culture in general. Its aesthetic basis is the rejection by the aesthetic canon of the USA. The boys wear abundant beards and a basic one is a plaid shirt. The girls go with super slim pants, hat and a fixed are the converses or retro sneakers.


 dress style names

Festivals, after-hours, and raves … these are the social events in which this group of young people moves and, therefore, their style is the characteristic of these massive concerts. Comfortable, flashy clothes, torn shirts, torn pants and, the basic, fluoride paint.


It is closer to punk than rocker, black and tacks predominate. A basic The caravels! They should be present in the stylish, either in additions or printed on clothing.


 dress style names

The name is not familiar to us, but its outfits are. They are fans of manga series, Japanese drawings for adults (and not so adults). His followers feel passion for the characters with such intensity that they end up dressing and transforming their image until they look like them.

We would say that at most 5 or 6 right? We have realized that in recent years being of one stream or another contributes cache, importance or relevance to the person. Did not happen to you that you said … dress style names? In El Armario de Mama we have been curious to know how many styles there are and what peculiarities each one has. Our motivation is none other than to really find out which group we belong to!

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