What is Food Science?

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The area of what is food science has had many extensions and developments in various areas over the last few decades. Food science is a subset of the field of agriculture, which is an umbrella term for many disciplines that focus on the growth, production and distribution of plants and animals for consumption. The scope of what is food science actually extends beyond these boundaries, however.

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What is food science? What is food science used for? The field of food science is frequently utilised to study the production, processing, handling, preparing, nutrition and storage of foods and their ingredients. There are many subdisciplines under this broader umbrella, each one focusing on particular aspects of the production and management of foods. Agriculture is the broadest of these disciplines, but even here, different subsets of this larger field can be identified. Within the broader context of the discipline, however, all food scientists may be considered specialists who focus on a specific aspect of the production and management of foods. Find out more about the benefits of the BRC Audit at MQM Consulting

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What is food science used for today? This question may seem academic, but these days much research is done on the effects of eating too much saturated fat, high sugar and preservative-laden foods, as well as other environmental factors such as chemical fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides and air pollution. These factors may account for why some people appear to develop illnesses more commonly than others, while the incidence of chronic disease such as diabetes has been found to vary across cultures.


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