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Best Necklace Design For Wedding With Dress 2018

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The central element of your bridal outfit is the design for a wedding dress, of that there is no doubt. Once you have it, you must choose the other pieces of the set. As the bridal shoes that will bring elegance to the whole, design for a wedding will enhance your features and the jewelry that will complement the look with a unique and very special shine. Among them, you will have to decide if you want to wear a necklace or not. If your answer is affirmative but you doubt your choice, do not suffer. Discover the different options you have and with what styles they fit best(design for a wedding).

Jewelry For Wedding Guests

Design For Wedding


It’s wedding season. Events of family, friends, celebration, happiness, love! Beautiful moments and illusion that will remain in our memory forever. Special moments that also deserve special attention. That is why we could not forget to make a specific post about Necklace Design For Wedding

When we are invited to a wedding, with greater or lesser anticipation of the celebration, we know that we are going to wear it. Certainly, many people wait until the last days. Other more cautious and organized have everything controlled from the beginning. But most of the time, the same thing happens to all of them. The last thing we have in mind, and even many times is decided on the fly, are the gems that we are going to wear. Surely it has happened to you more than once. You had the dress ready for a long time, but when you put it on, you do not know what jewelry and accessories will fit you best.

Dedicate a little time to know what jewelry is taken to a wedding is the best guarantee to go perfect and ideal. In this post, we will talk about jewelry for wedding guests. I give you some tips and information that will be helpful when deciding what to wear jewelry as a wedding guest.


Design For Wedding


If you like classic elegance and simple accessories, you will love the choker. It is a thin necklace fitted to the neck,  which can be formed by different pieces, usually bright, or by one in the center. It will help you highlight your neck and, in addition, will fit perfectly with Necklace Design For Wedding dresses with word of honor.

Discreet necklaces

Design For Wedding


There are numerous options for the design of discrete necklaces, but some, like the one in the image, is composed of a very thin chain that holds a small pendant in the center. It can be a diamond, a stone or an original element of small size. They will combine very well with simple Necklace Design For Wedding dresses, as they will bring them sophistication and complement them perfectly.


If you prefer that your jewelry be the center of all eyes, the maxi-necklace is ideal for you. It consists of large pieces that can cover the entire neckline: pearls, metals, stones … The material used will depend on the style of your beautiful dress. For example, a pearl pendant will fit perfectly with a  vintage wedding dress. You will dazzle!

Long necklace

Design For Wedding

The long necklaces are valid both with Necklace Design For Wedding dresses and with those that do not incorporate it. They emphasize the bust of the woman and, in addition, depending on the style that you wish to obtain, they can contribute informality or elegance. You choose.

Of pearls

Design For Wedding

If you fall in love with pearls do not give up on your big day Necklace Design For Wedding. It does not matter what form you choose or how much there is. It is a gem that will always make you dazzle and highlight the brightness of your eyes. In addition, with a few simple slopes to set will create a sophisticated image and full of charm.

From the back

Design For Wedding

If you have opted for a Necklace Design For Wedding dress at the back, how about decorating it with a necklace? Choose a model that goes down the back and that makes this beautiful opening shine. It can be long and simple, with a simple stone or detail in between. In addition, if you wear your hair short or opt for a high bun will be ideal to be seen in all its glory. It is an idea that will surely surprise your guests. Keep reading mother of the bride hairstyles.


As tradition dictates, on your Bday you will have to wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. And why not opt for Necklace Design For Wedding with a sapphire or blue diamond? It will add a point of color to your look and will add class to your style. Although if you prefer another tonality, you can always combine it with the colored bridal shoes. The originality will be your signature.

Once you have all the elements of your amazing bridal outfit, help your future partner to choose the wedding dress and accessories. So, when you have them, you can focus on finding those wedding details that will surprise your guests. They will be perfect to close a day full of magic and unforgettable moments.

Necklace Design For Wedding protagonists or how to turn your most simple looks into spectacular

We recommend you combine them with boat or heart necklines, but not the discards for those with a very pronounced peak and always accompanying smooth fabrics. Eye with those who have colored stones, do not look them with prints, in principle, you will be better with a monochrome necklace. If you want to bet on insurance, insects, and flowers are the absolute winners of the season, and the trend color is golden. The beads tend to favor us all and combine perfectly with all kinds of looks. Of course, if you use a particularly striking model that the rest of your accessories do not adopt the same role.

Good accessories will make you look elegant and sophisticated as long as you do not overdo it, so run away from big earrings if you’re going to bet on an important necklace, and vice versa. Choose the one that best suits you and fixes all the attention on your face. Because maxi necklaces are still in fashion, get one of them and wipe out.

Basic Standard As A Wedding Guest

Design For Wedding

First of all, and as a basic point that we always have to consider as a wedding guest, is that the main protagonist of the Necklace Design For Wedding. It is your day and that of your future husband, it is your moment, it is your celebration among all your loved ones. So we always have to think that, whatever the look we are going to wear, we should not emphasize more than the bride or somehow eclipse her moment. That does not mean that you can not go beautiful, elegant or sophisticated, just the opposite! Brides, their dresses, color (usually white), are very characteristic. So you just have to think about not using an outfit with bridal look features.

Once we are introduced to the topic, below we will give you different tips. They will be very useful when choosing your jewelry as a Necklace Design For Wedding guest. As you can see, some do not mention jewels directly, but it is important to know them since indirectly it does affect them. You have to think that a good look is not to put together different pieces (dress, hairstyle, jewelry, accessories) and that’s it. Everything has to go in harmony and with pleasure, and above all, to represent you and your personality.

Identify The Style You Want To Take To The Necklace Design For Wedding.

Before even choosing the dress, a basic point that we have to remember is what style we want to wear at the wedding. Obviously, whatever style you choose, it has to go with your personality, with your tastes, with your way of being. But there are also other factors to consider. As the context of the wedding,   the season of the year, whether it is day or night. Or also if it’s in the city, in the outskirts, or even on the beach.

Pay Attention To The Type Of Dress And The Hairstyle.

Design For Wedding

Although sometimes we do not think so, there are many types of Necklace Design For Wedding dresses to attend as a wedding guest. In addition to the usual wedding dresses, we can give you an original point and wear blouses, jumpsuits, shirts, etc. And within each of these concepts, each design can be different and you will fit some types of jewelry or others better.

For example, if the dress you are wearing is open, or type of honor, we would recommend that you wear long earrings (Necklace Design For Wedding). This way you will achieve greater verticality and lengthen your neck in a way that will stylize your look. But remember, in that case, we would only recommend wearing necklaces that were very simple. Otherwise, we could break the style and verticality that we mentioned.

Also depending on the hairstyle, or for example, if you wear short hair, favor more or fewer slopes or others. If you have picked up, or you have short hair, try some more outstanding earrings and distinction so that your look in that part gains more prominence.

Necklace Design For Wedding Guests From Pretty Rumour

Design For Wedding

In Pretty Rumour you can find a wide variety of jewelry. Quality, design, and perfect to go as a wedding guest. You can choose between earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Elegant cut, sophisticated and versatile, and above all, with a unique and exclusive design of our brand. The materials we use are top quality. We always work with sterling silver, 18-carat gold or precious and semi-precious stones. All our designs are produced entirely in Spain by expert jewelers. And all this, at affordable prices that will allow you to wear a special jewel for this important event.

We hope that with the previous tips you can be the perfect wedding guest. Now you know a little more about what jewelry is taken to a wedding as well as certain tips to show them off. In another post, we will discuss more tricks and tips Necklace Design For Wedding.

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