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Creative Wedding Idea Decoration With Flowers And Lights

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We start the most creative moment of the day with these ideas that will surely be of great help to you. The rules are for skipping them and the dictates (Creative Wedding Idea ) are not necessary to follow the letter. Forget about passing fashions like vintage decor or the more classic side. Today, we revolutionized the deco bridal scene looking for the most creative and original ideas that you can integrate into the Creative Wedding Idea.

But before getting into battle, we have a very prestigious space whose corners are perfect to launch all these ideas; the Royal Tapestry Factory space. These, in addition, have wanted to contribute their small grain of sand in our creative deco ideas and propose us the first three. Do not miss it.

Flowers and more flowers, what you can never miss

Creative Wedding Idea



Make a small nod to nature and the most springtime can be achieved in an interior area. You only need to give a 360º turn to your centerpiece and try elaborations full of games of colors and shapes and delicate aromas. (Creative Wedding Idea )

Are you looking for a color explosion? Add flowers of striking colors in synergy on the green of the branches and leaves.

Modern or traditional

Creative Wedding Idea

Something you should have in mind before you start buying things is the type of wedding you want to do and if you want it to be a traditional or creative Wedding Idea. In traditional weddings, the dress should be long and if possible, you should wear a veil. For weddings that are not so traditional, you can wear a short dress and can even be different colors

Hang that hangs you

Creative Wedding Idea

Ribbons, flowers, candles … the Royal Tapestry Factory space leaves us with this idea of the most special. Bring life to the ceiling of your spaces by hanging flowers or ribbons and let them dance to the breeze that pierces its large windows. In addition, they will provide that essential color note at any wedding.

Bread-free bar

Integral, of cereals, of seeds … bread, the noblest and healthy food, can be presented in a thousand ways at a wedding. Let your guests choose, try. That food that will always remain on our kitchens also has a gap at weddings with this free bar provided by Real Fábrica de Tapices (a perfect idea, the truth).

A sweet mill

No more Candy Bar on aged wooden tables. The creative idea of the moment? Water mills transformed into pieces of the exhibition for the sweetest of the house.

Tropical free bar

Creative Wedding Idea

The most tropical side of summer comes to weddings with a special dish; Fruit. Add a free bar with pieces previously cut and combined with a pink champagne.

A refreshing sailboat

Let your wedding surpass the rhythm of bubbling blows and notes of flavor. Forget the refrigerators and leave your drinks to cool in this object.

Light of fireflies for the grand finaleCreative Wedding Idea

The grand finale needs an attraction that is remembered. Illuminate the starry night with flares and make your guests make a luminous path to escape.

A bar of the Wild West

Wood, barrels, tequila … the Wild West comes to weddings with these two Creative Wedding Idea. A bar with the freshest and most original beers and a table built on the pillar of some beer barrels. Historical, sublime and very successful.

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