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Causes of canker sores and How to Treat Them

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There are many reasons why canker sores may appear. They are a cause of concern in those who suffer from them since they are usually warnings of other diseases that may be developing.

This last clinical form is usually a very common problem among patients with urgent stomatological problems. Ulcers are usually painful and annoying, they can persist for days to years and, in addition to being recurrent, they impede the performance of some basic functions.

What are canker sores?

canker sores

The mouth ulcers can occur anywhere in the mouth, but not all ulcers are sores. The mouth sores are lesions in which vesicles are formed come to ulcerate. Locate in the epithelium of the oral mucosa, with a clear and liquid content.

With few exceptions, they do not usually leave a scar. Supported on erythemas with a yellowish background, they go through several periods

Recurrent aphthous stomatitis usually appears in childhood, but both its frequency and severity decrease over the years. These mouth sores are classified, according to their characteristics of pain, prevalence, duration and size in minor aphthae, major aphthae and aphthous stomatitis herpetiformis.

Treatment Of Canker Sores / Medication for Mouth Sores

canker sores

There is no miracle medicine for mouth sores. No substance cures the ulcer from one day to the next. Since mouth sores usually last up to two weeks, the current treatments aim to accelerate the healing process of the lesion.

It is important to distinguish ointments that contain only anesthetics, which serve only for symptomatic relief, those with corticosteroids and anti-inflammatories in their formula, which can effectively accelerate healing.

What causes mouth sores

The exact etiology is still unknown, as they can be generated by multiple factors and circumstances. Contusions and wounds usually act as triggers for the appearance of mouth sores. It is also possible that they appear due to a poor diet or an allergy. Other factors to take into account are viruses and bacteria, which can exacerbate a manifest outbreak.

On the other hand, emotional tensions and stress, as well as their consequences on the immune system, seem to be important factors in the appearance of thrush. Finally, hormonal changes must be taken into account in order for an aphthous episode to appear. However, the various authors immersed in these studies do not just agree.

How to remove mouth sores

canker sores

There is no treatment that can be considered complete when the origin of the disease is unknown. Of the numerous therapies suggested, very few have been evaluated with good clinical trial designs.

Therefore, the treatment will be customized for each patient, taking into account their physical, psychological and genetic characteristics. However, they all have the same objectives: to relieve the symptoms and the size of mouth sores, reduce the episode and avoid relapses.

In a first performance, ointments, gels for external use and creams are used. Medications based on corticosteroids, prostaglandins or interferon, among others. Even good results have been obtained with the hyaluronic acid used topically.

Mouth sores due to HIV

canker sores

Occasionally, dentists can detect other diseases through observation of the oral cavity. Those people who have acquired HIV may have more persistent outbreaks of mouth sores and, therefore, more likely to spread the virus during the episode. In this case, it would be advisable for the patient to perform a specific test to detect or rule out the presence of the virus in their body and thus be able to prescribe the most appropriate treatment for their specific situation.

Ulcer in the mouth of the stomach

It is an injury where an area of the digestive system is without its lining or protection of the mucosa. When these aphthous ulcers appear in a digestive area they could be indicating the existence of an autoimmune disease of an inflammatory nature.

Thrush, a matter of habits

The canker sores, besides being annoying and painful, could be the manifestation of more serious processes were developed. It is advisable to follow the specialist’s instructions and acquire correct and constant oral hygiene habits to alleviate their symptoms and reduce their training.

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