How to Support Staff in Their Role

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When considering how to support your staff in their role, it is important to remember that their job is more than what appears on their official job description. Their daily tasks can affect how they feel which in turn translates into how customers feel about your firm. For example, they may be asked to perform administrative tasks that have little intrinsic value, but their contributions to the firm’s mission can significantly affect customer loyalty. You may also want to consider the role of supporting staff during the recruitment process. A supported and listened to staff will reap huge benefits and hopefully avoid unpleasant scenarios such as a Constructive Dismissal Claim, for example. For help with this, contact

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As the manager, you must lead by example. By demonstrating professionalism, doing your job and supporting your staff, you will inspire them to do their best. As a manager, you need to be available for them, so they can seek feedback and learn from their peers. Providing feedback to your staff helps them understand how important they are to the overall success of the company. By providing positive feedback, you will increase staff morale and encourage them to strive harder to excel.

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Job task rotation is an effective employee support strategy. It eliminates the monotony of certain assigned tasks and gives staff a chance to learn new skills and perform different responsibilities. This will help them avoid burnout and re-charge their batteries. If you’re unsure of how to support your staff, you can ask them to suggest ways in which they would like to feel more supported.


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