Staying safe on your scooter

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If you’ve just purchased a mobility scooter or are thinking of doing so then safety whilst driving should be a top priority. You will need to learn how to control and handle the scooter to a safe standard and also understand some of the rules of road and pavement.

Like a car, a scooter needs a key for ignition and accelerates in the same way as a car. The speed is controlled by a lever on the handlebars and is mostly operated by the thumb. This lever will control both the forward and reverse motion of the scooter. The handlebars also turn the front column of the scooter which acts as the directional steering column.

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There are no brakes as such as the scooter will only move on pushing the lever and will stop when this is released. If you have a Class 3 road scooter then training is a great idea and can be offered at disability living services and mobility centres. Getting out and about with limited mobility doesn’t have to be hard with mobility scooters and WAV Vehicles. Find out more at

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Getting around can be a liberating and fun experience as long as you are a considerate driver. Whilst travelling on pavements, the pedestrian still has the right of way and you must not travel faster than 4 mph. When in crowded areas, you will probably need to travel slower than this as you will need to weave around people. Turning corners should also be taken at slower speeds to prevent any potential tipping of the scooter.

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