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All company plans have more or less the same sections, but when they arrive at the investor’s table some stay where they are and others go to the dreaded column of the “I’ll read later”. If you want yours to be among those that arouse the interest of the most impassive, read on.

A methodology that systematizes and integrates the activities that will be necessary for a business idea to become a company and that gives off expectations that show that it is profitable businesses”. Or in other words, it is the hook to catch an investor and tell him that our idea is great and very profitable.

Description of the promoters

 Profitable Businesses

Presents the promoters of the project, indicating the position they are going to occupy, their academic experience and the merits that justify their trust in them. For many investors, this is a fundamental part, because it will be the management team who will make the difference between a good idea profitable businesses being executed correctly or not. In this part its merits will be briefly explained; the complete resumes will be included in the annexes. The idea is to reflect that we have a team, that has what it takes to take advantage of that opportunity and not another and that, although we have solutions, we are also able to detect possible shortcomings or future problems but we know where to look for the answer or the solution.

Matter of nuances

 Profitable Businesses

What is the difference between a business plan and a profitable business? The first one usually refers to a business that starts and that has to necessarily include the information on the procedures for setting up the company and the requirements to start it up.

The business plan, on the other hand, can be done for a company that is already underway. Before entering into the pure and simple matter, some tips to get what the expert calls the Stop rule, that is, the signal that warns the investor that this plan is worthwhile. For this it must be:


 Profitable Businesses

Both in the exterior design (careful cover, quality paper, attractive design …) and in the interior (it must be organized with summary, body, and annexes) and structured (with a complete index and an easy-to-read typeface). The executive summary is key and we will devote a specific section to it.


Written in a way that encourages the reader to make numbers and assess the possibilities of entering the profitable businesses. You have to take care of the writing style, be brief, use simple language (main ideas in simple sentences), avoid jargon as much as possible and eliminate the superfluous.

Occurrent and dynamic

 Profitable Businesses

You have to be creative, but with moderation. If the business you propose does not invite big frills, save them. It can be counterproductive to distract the reader. Dinwoodie is blunt: “Creativity is important as long as it highlights something in the profitable businesses, but it can not have the opposite effect”. You can also accompany it with slides, a video or any other support that facilitates reading and differentiates it from the rest.

Accurate and explicit

Clarity and conciseness must be fundamental. It has to carry useful information. You can not miss any important data. Remember that it is a matter of quality and not quantity, do not waste your reader’s time. The key ideas, from the beginning that you do not have to deduce their meaning. Although the main economic tables must go in the economic financial section of the central body, in the annexes you can include the secondary data, the results of the market study, the CVs of the professionals and, if you have it, any recommendation letter or favorable report.

When you go to venture capital

 Profitable Businesses

“It is very important to make it clear to you from the beginning how you can get out of business. I know investors who have rejected plans for not picking up this point. We must not forget that a venture capital is managing money from others and is interested in both investing it and how to divest it because it will be here when it will generate capital. ” To not generate any doubt about it, it is best to explain that there is the willingness of entrepreneurs to acquire the part of risk capital reached a level of growth, well detailing the characteristics of a market that has a great potential to sell their shares to companies larger or because it has possibilities to go public.

When you address a business angel

“This investor wants involvement in the profitable businesses,” he says. That is why it is important to highlight in the executive summary the attractiveness of the sector, of the business and that it can be involved in the company in the way we deem most appropriate. With the business angel or individual investors, it is important that the channel to reach them is a common acquaintance because it gives our plan a plus of credibility.

When we go to a bank

 Profitable Businesses

“This interlocutor is looking for guarantees. Make no mistake, rarely a bank invests in a project, what it does is lend the necessary money and, therefore, needs guarantees of that return “. These guarantees may come hand in hand with the profitability of the business, but financial entities understand better the language of the real or physical guarantees, not hypothetical: personal properties, properties of the company, and so on.

When we go to a public Administration to request a grant

“In this case, it is crucial to read carefully the bases of the grant to emphasize the main objective pursued by public financing.” Try to emphasize the development of a territory, in the creation of employment, in the promotion of new technologies … Analyze your profitable businesses well and stick to what they ask in the bases to highlight that part that best fits the bases. Here we must bear in mind that, unlike the previous cases, the one who will receive the plan and will do the first screening is an official who at a first glance will determine if all the required requirements are met, thereby The plan, not just the summary, should be as clear as possible in all aspects and should be aligned with the reasons for the subsidy.

And do not forget…

The correct management of finances marks the difference between a good company and another that is under the threat of closure. In the financial plan it is essential to include:

Treasury budget

 Profitable Businesses

It would be the analysis of the company, the difference between the inputs and outputs that do not always coincide with the difference between income and expenses.

Analysis of economic and financial viability through ratios. All of them must be accompanied by the corresponding tables.

Executive Summary

It is the business card and what will decide if the investor goes ahead or not. It has to be personalized. You will not be able to write it for all the same. Depending on who you are targeting, you will focus more on one aspect than another profitable business. It is best to write it at the end of the plan so that it really contains the essentials of it. It should not occupy more than one page or, at best, too.

There must be contained the five keys of the plan in an easy and brief way:

The profitable businesses opportunity

your idea, your vision, your mission, call it what you want, in reality, it is the reason for the project.

Your value proposition

your added value, what the market that we have detected is looking for and that nobody is offering (in the box we give you keys to design it correctly).

The characteristics of the market you are targeting and your target audience.

The promoter team and a synthetic idea of the elementary resources to be used.

What investment you need and in what period of time you will recover and the return phase you expect.

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