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The Best Connecting Solar Companies with Real Prospects 2018-19

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The electrical connection cables represent the indispensable component for the transport of electrical energy between the different blocks that make up a photovoltaic system. It is inevitable that part of this energy will be lost in the form of heat since the electrical resistance of a conductor is never zero. It is very important to determine what wire gauge to use for electrical installation of solar panels with  Solar Companies.

What is a self-consumption installation?

 Solar Companies

The solar installations of Autoconsumo are those that, in a house where there is light from the electricity Solar Companies, a photovoltaic power plant connected to the internal network of the house is installed.

  • The self-consumption inverter is responsible for transforming the power of the panels to 230V and synchronizing it in phase and frequency with the electrical distribution network.
  • The energy produced by the solar panels will be consumed by the house before the light of the electric company.

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When the consumption of the house is higher than solar production :

  • Power will be taken from the power grid to cover the demand.
  • If we have batteries, it will take energy from the batteries.

When solar production is superior to the consumption in the house, we have 3 cases:

  • Without 0 injection kit or batteries, the surplus is injected into the electrical network
  • If we have an injection kit 0, solar production will be limited so as not to exceed the consumption of the home.
  • If we have batteries, it will accumulate in the batteries.

Therefore, the saving is when:

  • If we do not have batteries; When there is consumption in the house while there is solar production by Solar Companies.
  • If we have batteries; Whenever there is consumption.

What facilities does the RD of self-consumption not affect?

When there is no electricity network. Since it is considered an isolated installation. Typical with batteries and battery inverters.

When there is no interconnection of the photovoltaic system with the electrical network.

At what point are we now with the Autoconsumo?

The Most Profitable:

Direct self-consumption facilities with spill kit 0


  • Having no batteries the prices are very affordable.
  • By having a spill kit 0 the study is not paid to the electric company.
  • For Type 1 installations equal to or less than 10kw, they are exempt from sun tax.


  • As there are no batteries, there is only saving when the consumption of the house coincides with the hours of solar production.
  • All self-consumption facilities require by law the installation of a new meter.


Self-consumption facilities with batteries by Solar Companies


The consumption of the house is covered with the energy produced by the solar panels and by the energy stored in the batteries. It can cover 100% of consumption.

 Solar Companies


  • The batteries are very expensive and the profitability of the long-term operation. Since we continue to have the electric light of the company we must continue paying the fixed term power. In addition, we will have to renew the batteries over time.
  • All self-consumption facilities require by law the installation of a new meter. In addition, this type of facilities has another charge known as sun tax.
  • Many uncertainties about the performance that lithium batteries will give, in addition to its high cost.

What is the optimum dimension for a self-consumption installation Solar Companies?

  • As a general rule, the installation of self-consumption, with the current legal framework, should be designed to discharge the minimum energy to the network , since even in Type 2 facilities the price received for the sale of energy to the network does not usually compensate for the additional cost of increasing the size of the facilities. More burdensome is the case of Type 1 installations, which do not receive financial compensation for the power discharged to the grid.
  • Therefore, we recommend sizing the installations so that the electricity they generate can be adapted, hour by hour, to your electricity consumption, and avoid dimensioning according to the power contract.
  • In any case, it must be taken into account that the generators (photovoltaic, wind, cogeneration …) of the self-consumption installation cannot exceed the power contracted to the electricity distributor for the consumption to which the installation is associated. In this regard, it should be noted that in the case of electric generators in continuous (photovoltaic, wind) that generated power is that of the generating equipment and not that of the necessary inverter for the coupling to the network.

Quality solar panels for  Solar Companies

 Solar Companies

Today there are hundreds of solar panels on the market which makes it difficult to choose a quality panel that offers an optimal response for more than the estimated 25 years of life for a solar installation.

In this article, we will discover the manufacturers with higher quality solar panels and that use the latest technology in solar cells to develop the most efficient, reliable solar panels with the highest production and durability guarantees.

What is a Tier 1 solar panel?

  • The Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 classification is widely spread in the industry. This Tier classification was developed by. Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation and basically serves to classify the manufacturers according to these parameters:
  • Investment in R + D + I
  • History of the company
  • Vertical integration (percentage of production carried out by the company itself, that is if the company itself designs, produces and manufactures the panels from the beginning)
  • Production capacity.

Initially, the list was created to classify manufacturers by their financial situation, but later due to its direct relation with the quality of the solar panel, it has also been used to classify the manufacturers for the quality and durability of their solar panels.

  • Although the Tier classification does not help us directly determine the quality of the solar panel, it will help us to be able to compare manufacturers. A Tier-1 manufacturer such as Jinko Solar is not the same as manufacturers such as Waree, or other manufacturers that do not appear in the top positions of Tier-1 lists and of course nothing to do with Tier-2 or Tier-3.
  • The Tier-1: They integrate all the research, development and production processes of their solar panels.
  • Tier-2: With about 2-5 years of solar panel manufacturing experience, little research and little automation in the process
  • The Tier-3: Little experience in assembly of panels, assembly of parts manufactured by other manufacturers, without own investigation.

Manufacturers of high-quality solar panels for the Solar Companies

In this list, we provide the most reliable solar panel manufacturers on the market based on their manufacturing history, quality, and real results. The history of the manufacturer and its reputation in the solar panel market will be an important factor to take into account when choosing a solar panel.

  • LG energy
  • SunPower
  • Winaico
  • REC
  • Trina Solar
  • Hanwha Q cells
  • Jinko Solar
  • Canadian Solar
  • Seraphin
  • JA Solar

Initially we may be tempted to opt for the most efficient solar panel, however, if you have enough space on the roof, this is not always the best option:

 Solar Companies

Unfortunately, high-quality solar panels such as  SunPower cost more than € 1 /Wp and in most cases, this extra cost is not justified by the increase in quality and the investment is not amortized. For example, solar panels such as SunPower x21 325W, with an efficiency of up to 21%.

This type of investment only makes sense where the space to install the solar panels is so small that it is necessary to maximize the production space with the minimum of solar panels, otherwise, it will always be better and more profitable to use a more modest solar panel.

Another problem that solar panels manufacturers with superior quality are having such as SolarWorld (a best German manufacturer of solar panels) is financial stability. Recently SolarWorld has entered into financial bankruptcy for the second time and its future is uncertain. So even though their solar panels are of very high quality, if the company disappears it will not be able to cover with the guarantee that preaches. The professionals of the sector have already passed by, for example when Photowatt disappeared when manufacturing the best solar panel in the world …

Panels manufactured  Solar Companies in China.

 Solar Companies

Despite the bad reputation of the past for manufacturing low-quality solar panels, today China is considered a leader in the production of silicon wafers and the manufacture of solar panels. Even so, low-quality solar panels are still being produced. To avoid buying a low-quality solar panel it is convenient to choose brands with a good reputation.

The main Chinese manufacturers are:

  • Jinko Solar
  • Trina Solar
  • LONGi Solar
  • JA Solar
  • Seraphim

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