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Be Careful What You Eat First Thing In The Morning

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Much has been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But it is necessary to know that, in addition, it is the food where you will eat after a period of fasting. Therefore, it is inadvisable to take whatever we find in the kitchen before leaving home or in the position we find on the way to work.

We must carefully plan and choose what the food we will be taking first thing in the morning will be. These foods are those that will help you to overcome the first hours of the day with energy and should provide you with vitamins and minerals. Next, we show you what foods are recommended to consume on an empty stomach and what not. We start!

No Toxic news in the first hour of the day

In the morning

The first hour of the day should be a moment of calm for body and mind. Therefore, it should be almost mandatory to stay away from negative news. Of course, this news will continue to exist and at some point, you will hear or read them. However, starting with them the day can alter in the morning tranquility.

What foods(In the morning) should I take on an empty stomach?

At your first meal, where you have an empty stomach, it is important to consume natural foods that contain complex nutrients. As the following:


In the morning

They are an ideal complement to eat together with your favorite cereals. Thanks to its selenium content, it helps to reduce the acidity in your stomach, thus balancing the pH. This reduces the risk of ulcers.


In the morning

Due to the soluble fiber, it contains, it reduces blood cholesterol levels. In addition, it is a good way to protect the stomach against the hydrochloric acid that is produced by digesting food. Without forgetting that it improves our digestion and offers us a feeling of fullness for longer.


If you want to start the day with a quick intake of vitamins, breakfast is the best time to eat several pieces. By having an empty stomach, we can enjoy its health benefits without having a heavy digestion or ferment.


In the morning

When we have an empty stomach, eggs are one of our best allies because of the amount of protein they contain. You can prepare them in the tortilla, cooked or as you like. Of course, they are rich in fat, so you must take into account the amount you will use, depending on your needs.


In the morning

Although we have already commented that the fruit, in general, is highly recommended to take in breakfast, papaya can especially help us. It provides vitamins C and E, which help us fight against free radicals. It is also related to reducing the risk of colon cancer. Without forgetting its high fiber content.

What foods should I not take on an empty stomach?

Many of the foods that we are going to comment are part of our breakfast routine in the morning. But it is better to consider whether to continue doing it or not. Let’s see why.


In the morning

Taking this drink as soon as we wake up, can generate greater acidity in the stomach, increasing reflux and gastritis in the same way.

Carbonated drinks.

Taking this type of drinks on an empty stomach can damage the mucous membranes of the stomach. This will lead to a worse quality of the digestions and, in some cases, may cause constipation.

Puff pastries

In the morning

They are usually very present at breakfast but, since they contain yeast, they can generate gas and irritate the stomach.


In the morning

Surely this food will surprise you. It is one of the most used in our breakfasts. But maybe it’s not a good idea to take it on an empty stomach. Its high content of tannic acid, cause acidity and reflux. Although they are ideal for the rest of the meals due to their antioxidant and fiber content.

As you can see, although they may seem harmless, there are certain recommended foods for your breakfasts in the morning. Above all, it is important to look for those healthy foods that favor a good digestion, and that do not alter the acidity of your stomach. In this way, we will not damage the stomach, for example through the deterioration of its mucous membranes, and we will obtain vitamins in a faster way. Therefore, breakfast should be planned to avoid ingesting the first thing that comes in front of us.

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