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Advantages And Disadvantages of Using The Internet for Children

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Internet for children is a tool present in our day today. The children live with her and with the different devices that we use to access from her early stages both at home and at school.

The network offers multiple benefits to children, well understood and controlled access can have a positive impact on the child’s education and development. We can not forget that the Internet also offers certain risks and dangers to children. In our hands as parents are to monitor the use that children make of the Internet so that they obtain the maximum advantages, which are not few.

Advantages of using the Internet for children

Internet for children

It is an excellent way of communication.

Immediate, fast and effective. Internet for children can be connected to people who are in other countries or to be in permanent contact with relatives who are far away.

It is a direct door to knowledge.

Children no longer have to wait for their parents to buy an encyclopedia or go to bookstores and libraries in search of the information they need. At the click of a button and for free they can learn and know about any topic, strange and strange.

It can be used as a school support tool.

Internet for children

Internet for children, children find exercises and games that allow them to work on the contents learned in school, be it in mathematics, English or knowledge of the medium.

Improve academic results.

Statistics show that children who use the Internet as a tool for school support and benefit from the resources that are in the network obtain better grades.

It is an aid for children with a disability or learning problem.

There are countless online games to improve the attention of hyperactive children or as a resource for children with special educational needs.

Stimulates research and discovery.

Children enter autonomously to find and discover the information they need.

It is an entertainment tool.

Internet for children

Playing in the park and going out to the street are still essential activities in the child’s life, but it is not good for them to spend time playing online. The game well understood and controlled can be positive, stimulating and didactic.

Help to socialize more timid children.

Through chats or hangouts, you can make contact with other children from other cultures or places more easily.

Develop technological skills.

We can not ignore that we live in the technological era and that our children will work with these or other tools. Familiarizing yourself with them is essential for your future.

Child cyberbullying. How to protect children on the Internet

Internet for children

The dangers on the Internet not only prey on adults may also influence the lives of children. The use of new technologies has many benefits but can also endanger children if they do not learn to use them responsibly.

Among the possible problems that children encounter when using the Internet is that of cyberbullying. Many children are harassed, they receive threats from their schoolmates through chat or social networks and rarely express these problems.

Tips to avoid in child cyberbullying

To combat cyberbullying, information is key, as well as promoting communication between parents and children, as well as with the teachers of the school.

Forms of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying, extortion, cyberbullying … do you know what these words mean? They are different forms of harassment or extortion on the Internet to minors. We explain what each of them consists of and how to detect it.

How to report cyberbullying.

Internet for children

What parents have to do to report a case of cyberbullying about their children. Steps to follow when the child is a victim of cyberbullying through email, social networks or any other digital platform.

How to act against cyberbullying.

What to do if our child is being harassed through social networks, email, chat or any other digital platform? Cyberbullying or cyberbullying, what can parents do?

How to know if the child suffers cyberbullying.

How to detect a case of cyberbullying in children. Cyberbullying or cyberbullying, unlike bullying in childhood, takes place in digital media. It is the harassment, insults, threats or gossip to a child through email, SMS, chat or social networks.

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying or cyberbullying is understood as the use and dissemination of information, real or fictitious, with intent to harm or defame through the Internet. Every time there are more cases of harassment on the Internet to children by other children. We tell you what cyberbullying is and how it affects children.

What is grooming?

The grooming of children and the harassment of children on the Internet. How the grooming of children begins and how to fight against child grooming. Risks for children in social networks. Sexual harassment of children on social networks is more common than we think, so we want to inform you of the danger of your children being on social networks.

Children facing cyberbullying.

Internet for children

Access to new technologies for children occurs every time at younger ages and we are no longer surprised to see children between 10 and 12 years old using the computer with a lot of ease, talking with a smartphone and children of about 7-8 years old with tablets or iPod.

How to prevent cyberbullying.

Tips to prevent children from becoming victims of cyberbullying or cyberbullying. How to prevent your children from suffering harassment through the Internet. Cyberbullying is a type of repeated psychological aggression provoked and suffered by minors. Tips to avoid bullying children through social networks or websites.

Safety of the Internet for children

Internet for children

Basic ideas to educate children about the dangers of the Internet and give them some guidelines for behavior. How to get children to know how to behave while surfing social networks. We give you the decalogue of the safety of children on the internet. The basic security on the Internet that every parent should know.

Risks in social networks.

There are many risks to children surfing the Internet if they do not follow the advice of safe navigation and have not received correct information about the dangers and traps that lie in wait for them.

Child safety in social networks.

The dangers of using social networks in childhood. How to know what our children do in social networks and educate them to be protected before the different dangers they entail. Social networks for children

Parental filters to prevent cyberbullying.

Internet for children

Parental filters are a tool that allows parents to control what children see on the Internet for children. It is a software that is installed on the computer and that controls, according to the filter, which pages your child can navigate through. How do parental filters work on the Internet? Control the navigation of children on the Internet.

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