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Reasons To Start The Day With A Cup Of Tea In The Morning

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Surely many of us, despite being lovers A Cup Of Tea and all its varieties and aromas, we are not fully aware of what are the properties of tea, what exactly is this drink, and what is its origin.

The first clarification regarding tea is found in his own name. Although with the word tea we usually refer to all kinds of teas and infusions in general, the truth is that this is not entirely correct.

What Are Tea And What Are The Infusions

A Cup Of Tea

How can we distinguish, then, what is a tea from what is an infusion? A Cup Of Tea are drinks that are prepared from the Camelia Sinensis plant, using its leaves. There are different types, according to the treatment that has been given to them. We can distinguish green tea, red, black, white and blue tea within the family of teas that really are teas, not simply infusions. On the other hand, the rest of the drinks that are prepared with other plants, leaves or fruits, are infusions. Thus, the Rooibos, chamomile, mint, valerian or any other type of infusion that comes to mind, fall into this category. Some of them have very specific properties.

The Properties A Cup Of Tea And Its Origin

As we have already said, tea in the strict sense can refer both to the plant we use to make this drink, Camellia sinensis, and the resulting beverage that is prepared with it.

The origin of tea is found in China, where it is a very precious and consumed beverage, deeply rooted in its culture. They also consume it a lot in India and Cambodia. If we talk about Europe, England is the country where tea enjoys more popularity, having even created a name for the time when it is most common to drink this drink: tea time, which is usually around 5 in the afternoon.

Green A Cup Of Tea And Its Properties

A Cup Of Tea

The green tea is made from tea leaves unfermented. Once harvested, they have been allowed to dry and have undergone heat treatment. It is a low tea in tea. The vitamins provided by green tea are A, C, and E, as well as being a drink rich in important minerals. It is the type of tea that has more antioxidants, so it has great benefits for human health.

Red Tea, Benefits, And Contraindications

The leaves of the red tea have been semi-fermented and the result of its preparation is a reddish tea with a strong flavor. It contains mainly vitamins of groups B, C and D. It has fat burning properties, so it is recommended in slimming diets to promote the elimination of them. It should not be confused with the (fake) Rooibos tea, since the latter is made from another plant, so it is an infusion.

Its benefits are many, among which are its depurative properties of tea or its advantages in facilitating digestion. Their contraindications, although they are less than their benefits, must also be taken into account. Its use is not recommended to pregnant or breastfeeding women, diabetics or those with delicate bowel.

Black tea, what benefits us?

A Cup Of Tea

A Cup Of Tea is characterized by prepared from oxidized leaves when harvested and treated. This oxidation process is what changes the color of tea leaves, from green to black. It is the tea with the most tea of all the teas.

Among the properties of black tea, in addition to being a great antioxidant, they emphasize that it is a natural astringent remedy, so it is very beneficial in case of gastrointestinal disorders. Due to its high content in thine, it is especially important not to abuse this drink, as its benefits can become health problems if taken in large quantities daily.

White tea, the most delicate of teas

The white tea is a very special drink because instead with the leaves of the plant, it is elaborated with smaller and tender shoots of Camellia sinensis. This peculiar characteristic is what gives white tea its clear color, as well as its differentiation in terms of flavor and aroma compared to the rest of the teas.

Blue tea

A Cup Of Tea

The blue A Cup Of Tea or Oolong tea is a variety from once again China. It differs from the rest of teas by the semi-fermentation of its leaves. It is an intermediate step of treating its leaves between green tea and black tea.

In fact, this fermentation process is interrupted, which means that its leaves are rolled and fermented repeatedly. It is an antioxidant and strengthens the immune system. In addition, although it is usually consumed hot, it can also be cold or ice cream.

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